Other Structures Build Process

Do you have a different or unique custom tiny project in mind? Maybe you are wanting a duck house, a swing set, a garden shed, a wooden tent, a greenhouse, or she-shed? Whatever it may be, we’d love to talk with you! Check out our process below for more details.

Contact Us

We’d love to answer any questions you have! Contact us. Whether you’re curious to know what it might cost or maybe you have some designs in mind? Please share with us any inspiration sketches or photos for the space you are imagining. If you are ready to go, click here to request a quote..

3D Rendering

This form will give us most of the information we need to get started on designing your own custom build. We start each project with a small design fee; once we receive that we will begin creating your space. Once we have a design idea drawn out, we will email you the 3D digital rendering of your space, for your review. It’s great to see the space before you buy it!

Start The Build

Next is the fun part… seeing your custom build come to life! Depending on the details of your build, we might build entirely onsite, we might only be onsite for a couple days assembling, or we might just be dropping off your completed space! Based on your design, we will let you know which of these options will be true for your space. We will be in contact with you all throughout your project for any questions you might have.

Enjoy Your New Build!

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