Welcome to Tiny Haven Spaces!

Hi! We are Brandon, Hannah, Bella, Lily, & Jaxon – the family behind Tiny Haven Spaces! 

Family. Adventure. Fun. Intentionality. Togetherness. These words sum up who we are and what we value most as a family and as business owners.  

Do you remember when you were a kid and building a living room blanket fort was the coolest thing ever?! Can you picture the pillows, the blankets, and all the up-turned furniture? Remember that feeling of wonder; that safe haven feeling inside your very own tiny space? Remember watching Swiss Family Robinson (the 1960 Disney version), didn’t you go outside immediately and try and make that tree fort?! 

The first time our kids got a playhouse, we fell in love with this upgraded, living room blanket fort! The first time we built a fort and saw the world from 10ft high we fell in love with our own version of Swiss Family Robinson! Each of these tiny spaces became a haven for our children and our family!

Those memories – that spirit of adventure, creativity, and “haven making”- stayed with us all these years!

We love that all of these different tiny “havens” are beautiful conduits for closeness and adventure! They call us away from the things that don’t matter and reshape our hearts to lean into what and who really matters most. Our work inspires us every day, and we feel so grateful that we get to spend our days creating these special spaces for families in our community and beyond.  It’s really an honor for us to be a part of your family in this way!

Reach out if you have any questions, we love hearing from you!

Brandon & Hannah

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